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American College of Cardiology Brazil Chapter - Innovation and Knowledge


We live in a moment when science is renewed every second and it is essential that we are inserted and actively interacting in the international network for the production and dissemination of knowledge. The Brazilian Society of Cardiology (SBC) has the mission of expanding and disseminating knowledge in cardiovascular science, representing and promoting the development of the cardiologist and carrying out actions in favor of cardiovascular health in the country. In its vision of being a reference in medical and scientific associations in national and international scope, underscore its values as knowledge, ethics, professional development, integration and innovation.


In order to maintain these commitments, since its creation in 1943, SBC, through the various successive boards, has been a model of modernization and adaptation to the evolution of the scientific universe among medical societies.


In the period from 2016 to 2017, when I had the honor of presiding over SBC with a group of outstanding directors, we promoted a broad program of relationship and interaction with scientific societies and international universities, directed by our then director of international affairs, Dr. David Brasil. We also implemented scientific development by expanding partnerships for the supply of scholarships for Brazilian researchers in foreign universities and invested in the dissemination of scientific production, strengthening our periodical Brazilian Archives of Cardiology and hosting the International Journal of Cardiovascular Sciences at SBC. In addition, we welcomed and interacted with hundreds of foreign speakers, leaders in their areas of expertise in the two Brazilian Congresses of Cardiology and in the various other scientific sessions, symposia and different activities held in the referred biennium.


Among SBC's partner scientific societies, the American College of Cardiology (ACC) stands out with which we have a fraternal relationship. In our 2016-2017 term, ACC recognized our representation as ACC Brazil “Distinguished Chapter”. It is important to remember that the Chapter of ACC Brazil was born from the visionary idea of ​​Prof. Dr. Antonio Carlos Palandri Chagas, who in his mandate as president of SBC, from 2008 to 2009, concretized with the board of directors of ACC the creation of this chapter and the basis for a closer scientific collaboration between the two societies. Dr. Chagas himself held the position of governor of the ACC Brazil Chapter from 2018-19 and 2020-22 and today he is a member of the ACC/AIG Americas. Other former governors of the ACC Brazil Chapter were Prof. Dr. Antonio Carlos Camargo Carvalho (in memorian), 2014-15 and Prof. Dr. Roberto Kalil Jr., 2016-17.


There are many successful partnerships between SBC and ACC, such as joint symposia in both of its congresses over the years, the Valentin Fuster/ACC’s  Cardiovascular Symposium of held twice in Brazil and the innovative Cardiology Experience (Cardio-X), an interactive activity with the use of realistic digital simulation for the discussion of clinical cases of intensive cardiology that took place at the SBC 2017 congress and which should be repeated and expanded with the completion of the ACC Latin America-Cardio X in 2021.


As governor of the ACC Brazil Chapter, during the term of Dr. Marcelo Queiroga as president of SBC, 2020-2021, I set the goal of expanding the chapter's performance, going beyond international representation, making it an active nucleus for exchange of experiences and the dissemination of knowledge. We started a rich and extensive program of joint international webinars, in which the most interesting topics of the specialty will be available, in their broader horizons. Many other new and innovative opportunities are foreseen in this partnership.


Welcome to Home Page and the scientific programming of the ACC Brazil Distinguished Chapter.

Marcus Vinicius Bolivar Malachias

ACC Brazil Distinguished Chapter Governor

Brazilian Chapter of the American College of Cardiology/Brazilian Society of Cardiology – expanding horizons


It all started in November 2007, when we were planning our administrative program to be submitted to the Board of Directors for our 2008 – 0 9 term as President of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology (SBC).  We were invited to a meeting with the Board of Directors of the American College of Cardiology at the American Heart Association Meetings in Orlando, FL.


We were welcomed by President James Dove (in memorian) who was interested in our activities and especially our plans for the future. After a while, we suggested a joint session at the next Congress of the American College of Cardiology, that would take place in March 2019, in Chicago, Illinois.


Interestingly, the program was already completed, and the only bilateral events were with Germany and Japan. We worked together with President Dove in order to include an additional bilateral session to the program, once, with a Latin-America country, a true “game changer”.

After several e-mails and discussions, we obtained the official support from President Dove and, in less than a month, we received the long-awaited news of the acceptance of our proposal and started our journey with the College.


During the inauguration ceremony of the 2008-09 Board of SBC Directors we announced that, for the first time in the history of our SBC, we would have an event on the official program of the American College of Cardiology Congress. After an intense three months of preparation, we met on a Sunday, the first and busiest day of the event, launching an initiative that represented the start of our mutual collaboration (ACC & SBC).


Brazil hosted a session with more than 500 participants, and we witnessed excellent presentations by distinguished colleagues: Profs. Maria de Lourdes Iguchi from USP-SP, Nadine Clussel from UFRGS Porto Alegre and José Antonio Marin Neto from USP-Ribeirão Preto.


All lectures highlighted relevant content for the cardiologists, showing how this joint collaboration was an important step for the Brazilian Cardiology, opening space for some of our brilliant colleagues to show their original contributions to all international fellows. It was a huge success!

The event was the beginning of the scientific cooperation between the two societies, creating a constant relationship, including the participation of American colleagues in joint meetings in the editions of the SBC Congresses in Curitiba - PR-2008 and Salvador-BA 2009. This strong relationship paved the way for the approval of the American College of Cardiology for the creation of the Brazilian Chapter in September 2009.


The Brazilian Chapter was the first to be installed in South America, and I had the honor to be nominated the first governor of the Brazilian Chapter. Later, the President of the American College of Cardiology that year, Prof. Alfred Bove (in memorian) visited São Paulo to officially inaugurate the Brazilian chapter with more than 100 Fellows.


After more than ten years, the actions promoted by the Brazilian Chapter  became more and more constant, and in addition to the joint meetings, the Congress of the Society of Cardiology of the State of São Paulo (SOCESP) began also having the participation of the American College of Cardiology as well as the Congresses of the Department of Atherosclerosis of our SBC and the Congress of SOBRAC-SBC.


As part of the joint activities, the prestigious New York Cardiovascular Symposium / ACC event, hosted by Prof. Valentin Fuster, was also held in São Paulo on two occasions, with more than 2,000 participants in each one. Another initiative of great scientific value was the preparation of new leaders with the participation of Brazilians at the American College Academy at Heart House in Washington - DC.


During this period, the following cardiologists were appointed governors of the Brazilian chapter: Prof. Antonio Carlos Camargo Carvalho (in memorian) 2014/15; Prof. Roberto Kalil Jr. (2016-17), Prof. Antonio Carlos Palandri Chagas (2018-19) and for the period 2020-22, Prof. Marcus Vinicius M.  Malachias.


The present moment is of great relevance for joint actions between medical societies, since we will have to adapt to a new paradigm of virtual events and long-distance relationships.


With the leadership of SBC by President Marcelo Queiroga and the governance of the Brazilian Chapter with Marcus Malachias, new horizons were opened; we were ready to carried out great joint actions such as the webinar of Minas Gerais Society of Cardiology with the ACC Chapter of Texas discussing therapy in the COVID-19 pandemic. Several other events are being prepared later this year with the American College of Cardiology, in addition to our annual Congress this time in Brasilia - DF.


Finally, Brazil in 2021 will have the privilege of hosting the ACC / Latin America, valuing even more our commitment to collaborative actions through scientific development and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Antonio Carlos Palandri Chagas

On behalf of the AIG Americas, American College of Cardiology

Dear Colleagues,


On behalf of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology (SBC) & the ACC Brazil Distinguished Chapter I am certainly most delighted to announce the launch of a new ACC Brazil webpage for your service and convenience.

For over a decade since its inception in December 2009, under the auspices of Professor Antonio Chagas, past president of the SBC (biennium 2008-2009), the ACC Brazil Chapter has incessantly pursued to align missions and share common values with the ACC. In this regard the SBC/ACC Brazil Chapter has been fully committed to work in synchronization with the ACC’s new vision “a world where innovation and knowledge optimize cardiovascular care and outcomes” and the reaffirmed College’s mission to “transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health”.

Following this path Professors Marcelo Queiroga (present SBC president) and Marcus Malachias (ACC Brazil Chapter Governor) have thoughtfully invited me to serve as an editor for this lofty webpage which I promptly accepted kindheartedly.

Our goal with this newly designed webpage is to foster scientific information on a variety of topics related to cardiology, announce joint endeavors and actions mutually agreed upon by both co-sister societies, the ACC and the SBC/ACC Brazil Chapter, as well as to create a user-friendly and easy to navigate channel for ACC/SBC fellows and members who wish to interconnect for the exchange of experiences and prospective collaborations. 

I hope the Divine Providence may bestow its choicest blessings upon this precious initiative. I will be looking forward to receiving inputs and suggestions from colleagues and collaborators.


Yours sincerely,

David de Pádua Brasil

ACC Brazil Chapter Webpage Editor

Dear Colleagues,

The United States and Brazil are vibrant multicultural democracies with long traditions of friendship and partnership.


Over seven decades the Brazilian Society of Cardiology and the American College of Cardiology have been contributing to the advance of cardiology. The ACC has broadly inspired the world with extraordinary achievements in terms of organization and infrastructure.

Over decades the SBC has been in close collaboration with the ACC, culminating in the creation of the ACC Brazil Chapter in 2009, and our chapter is composed of a high level group of Brazilian cardiologists. Recently, the close relationship enhanced by Drs Rick Chazal, Michael Valentine, and Richard Kovacs has played a fundamental role in bringing us even closer. And from now and on, with Dr Athena Poppas we are setting new paths of success, helping each other to overcome the immense challenges of the pandemics altogether.

Dr Marcus Malachias, my dearest friend and the new ACC Brazil Chapter Governor, has my broad support, respect and great enthusiasm, leading our chapter towards a new era. We also now launch the new ACC Brazil Chapter webpage, renewing the commitment of fighting cardiovascular diseases with equity and solidarity. For that I would like to acknowledge my friends Antonio Chagas and David Brasil for all they have been doing for the ACC Brazil chapter over the years.

Finally, I wish to thank very much Dr Athena Poppas for her most distinctive dedication to Brazilian cardiologists and the SBC.

Marcelo Queiroga

SBC President


Brazilian Governors

Brazilian Chapter - founded on December 9, 2009

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Jorge Ilha Guimarães


Antonio Carlos Palandri Chagas


2012 - 2013

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Antonio Carlos Palandri Chagas



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