2nd Joint International Webinar SBC/ACC Brazil Chapter/SBC-MG and ACC Texas Chapter

Opening Remarks: Dr Celso Amodeo (Vice-president, Brazilian Society of Cardiology - SBC)


Dr Marcus Malachias (Governor, ACC Brazil Chapter, SMC/SBC-MG)

Dr George Rodgers (ACC Championship Hearts Foundation/Athlete Heart Screening Liaison, ACC Texas Chapter)

Dr Henrique Patrus (President, SMC/SBC Minas Gerais Chapter)


1. Aortic Stenosis: A Brief Review of Therapies and Technologies - Dr Michael Mack (ACC Texas Chapter)

2. Chagas Cardiomyopathy: Revisiting Therapeutic Aspects in 2020 - Dr Antonio Luiz Pinho Ribeiro (SMC/SBC-MG)

3. Management and Outcomes of Acute Right Ventricular Failure - Dr Fernando Bacal (SBC Scientific Director)

4. New Opportunities in Medical Therapy for Chronic Heart Failure - Dr Clay Cauthen (ACC Texas Chapter)

Panelists/Discussants and Q&A:

Dr Jeffrey Michel (ACC International Center/ACC Texas Chapter Leadership)

Dr David Brasil (SBC Director of Research, SMC/SBC-MG)

Dr Maria do Carmo Pereira Nunes (SMC/SBC-MG)

Dr Fernando Neuenschwander  (SMC/SBC-MG)

Dr Estevão Lanna Figueiredo (SMC/SBC-MG)

Closing Remarks: Dr Marcus Malachias + Dr George Rodgers + Dr Henrique Patrus

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