Joint International Webinar - SBC/ACC Brazil Chapter and ACC Governors Come Together!

Opening Remarks: Dr. Celso Amodeo (Vice-president, Brazilian Society of Cardiology - SBC)


Dr Benny Levenson (Governor, ACC Germany Chapter)

Dr Wael Al Mahmeed (Governor, ACC United Arab Emirates Chapter)


1.Turning Hypertension Guidelines Into Effective Prevention - Dr Jeffrey Michel (ACC International Center/ACC Texas Chapter Leadership)

2.Overview of Lower Extremity Peripheral Artery Disease (LEPAD): Where We Are - Dr David Brasil (SBC Director of Research)

3.Cardiac Biomarkers in the Prediction of CV Events in High-Risk Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension - Dr Marcus Malachias (Governor, ACC Brazil Chapter)

4.New Insights Into Therapeutics Beyond LDL-Cholesterol - What We have Learned Recently - Dr Salim Virani (Chair, ACC Council for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease)

Panelists/Discussants and Q&A:

Head of the Panel: Dr Daniel Piskorz (Governor, ACC Argentina Chapter)

Dr Antonio Carlos Chagas (ACC/AIG Steering Committee for Americas/President, SBC Dept Atherosclerosis)

Dr Glaucia Moraes Oliveira (SBC General Management Advisor)

Dr Sergio Kaiser (SBC-RJ, Scientific Director )

Dr Thiago Jardim (Vice-president, SBC Department of Hypertension)

Closing Remarks:

Co-chairs:  Dr. Celso Amodeo, Dr Benny Levenson, Dr Wael Al Mahmeed

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